It doesn’t make sense. 

Answers elude me in this aimless wandering.

The universe doesn’t ask limits.
It keeps spawning more stars and more space
Until humanity comes to pass
not knowing anything.

What a visage of mystery it displays.

Yeah, it all doesn’t make sense.
Stars cannot guide us after all.


(I do not own the photo)



All of us live in fear of dying.

When in fact,

in order to live a full life,

we need to die a great number of times.

We have to deaden many things

about ourselves.

There will come a time

when we must choose

to sacrifice




because the longer we hold on to them,

the harder we cling to forever

in a world

that’s not meant to stay.

When you start


tiny bits of your life –

From different places,

Experiences and

Perspectives –

and piece them all together,

your life will be a complete puzzle.

You’ll thank yourself

for killing many things about you.

And you’ll be glad you lived again.


My heart is not
broken –

it’s beating just fine
because I took care of myself.
Why would I expect people
to carry it
when it’s my possession?

have everyday baggage,
that’s why they are bound
to drop things.
Their hands are too small
to carry it all.
So if everything becomes too much
for you to carry,
you can drop your burdens,
but never your heart.
You cannot have people
hold it for you.

They’ll drop it.

And they’ll break it.

An Ode to Negativity

Ever since I was young, negativity has followed my like I thought the early morning moon followed me on my way to school. Maybe if I wrote a letter to it, it would be more lenient to me. Would it depart from me? How many goodbye letters am I supposed to write to send it off? I don’t know, but it’s worth trying.

Negativity makes you say to your teammates you won’t make it because you were faced in a similar situation in the past and lost.

Negativity makes you think late replies and “read” labels in messages give you a perpetual sense of being unwanted.

Negativity deprives you of your regular sleep hours and feeds you with embarrassing moments you did in the past. It fills you with the thought that they still remember it when in fact they don’t. Negativity also keeps you awake in the fear that what people say behind you will always be out to demolish the good character you’ve worked hard to build.

Negativity is when your boss tweaks your work a bit and now you question your own skills and abilities, thinking you are incompetent enough and can’t do better.

Negativity gives you gentle reminders that you can only be the second best in this world. And to achieve remains an idealism.

Negativity takes you to a world of daydreams where you can be the greatest you’ve ever wanted to be. It traps you there, whispering you can never be half as great in the world in which you exist (and don’t exist at the same time).

Negativity is doing something great and downplaying it with false humility, making you believe humans are the only source of validity to your existence.

Negativity includes ‘achieve greater heights, so you can finally say to the world that you somehow exist’ in your to-do list and strikes it out immediately when you fail.

Negativity brings you to a spiral of eternal loneliness. It cages you in the belief that people like everyone else…except you.

Negativity thinks you always botch things up, and every mistake you do is grave and irreversible.

Negativity murders the best character you could be. It kills the great person you’re supposed to become.

Negativity thinks you aren’t anyone really special as you’d like to believe, in fact your body is abnormally slender. And you suck because of that.

For all these times, negativity has been with me – no, within me. It has somehow become a friend I talk to in my room on a Friday night. Did I just say a friend? Sorry, I meant to say a fiend.

And right now it makes me think it’s impossible to vanquish it and set myself free.

A letter to brave ones

Hey there!

Hope you’re having a good day.

Or are you?

I can see it. There is darkness surrounding you. It glooms your aura today and there are demons trying to seize you with their crooked, scimitar hands. I can see that it’s trying to suppress the inner you from screaming to the world at the top of your lungs. It prevents you from reaching to people and caressing their heart. And I can see your heart. It’s bright white, but the darkness persists in obscuring it so people don’t see its luminosity. Hence, what they’ll see is a dispensable, worthless bother who serves absolutely no purpose here on Earth. The darkness commands you to beat yourself over not being good enough, for being a square that struggles to fit in a circle. You want to be worthy, because your bright white heart knows that you’re capable of proving something. Show it. Try to unleash the light to chase away the darkness.

But you can’t. The darkness is too dense in volume in that it pins you down as it clutches on your back. You’re unable to move and crawl. Now, all they see is such a weak individual as you who just goes lying about and cannot bring himself or herself to stand up. They can’t see the darkness. This leads you to think that the only way for the darkness to leave you is to die. If that happens, the darkness will immediately depart from your body because the host is already dead, and you’ll become visible again. They cannot see the black aura surrounding you, but I do. This is why I am linking with you right now. In order to beat the abyss, we need to fight, and I am using words as a tool in constructing a bridge that connects my bright white heart to others, to yours. I know that you got a bright white heart. I promise I can see that shining heart of yours that attempts to perforate the thick darkness, like sun’s rays searing through the storm clouds. Yes, we need to fight. Your heart is straining, because it wants you to live. It wants you to remember the feeling of joy when the darkness is finally gone and people can now clearly see that pristine light radiating from your heart.

Please know that we’re in this together. Unleash the fighter that is you. Every beat of your heart is a knock that lets you know it’s still there, fighting. Lift your hand close to your chest. It wants to say something. Listen closely to it, and it’ll guide you in parting the shadows away. I know you badly want to. But you cannot do it if your heart is no longer beating. So please, do not stop it at all cost. You have no idea how much effort your heart tries to exert to keep you alive. It cannot do its mission by itself, which is why it is pumping so much blood to help you live another second. Your heart knows and believes that you can continue the mission it has already started and bring it into fruition. Please don’t let all of its efforts go down the drain. The reason why God put our hearts in us is because love comes from there, from the inside. Delve into your depths, and you’ll be able to see your shining heart. You’ve forgotten to visit it and ask for help because you were too busy fighting off the darkness by yourself. Your heart is merely waiting for you to knock on your chest as a signal that you are willing to continue the battle. I guarantee: you’ll thank yourself for being strong enough not to give up.

I believe you’ll get nice days ahead of you. Have the yearning to look forward to it.

Please don’t drop the weapon too soon.